Knowledge is power when it comes to making decisions about the right battery for your vehicle. Always keep in mind that this is the ‘heart’ of a vehicle and in order for the vehicle to be powerful and never fail we must take care of it.

Here are some key features to look for when choosing a brand of battery:

  1. Is the battery going to fit into the compartment properly?
  2. Is it a maintenance free battery?
  3. How many cranking amps does the battery have?
  4. Is the battery vibration resistant?
  5. What is the reserve capacity?
  6. How long is the warranty valid for?

Is the battery going to fit into the compartment properly?

Many people may not have thought about these questions before purchasing a battery and have been disappointed with the performance of the battery after they have purchased it. All battery brands should have an application chart that states the measurements of the batteries models. For example the Alpha Ex Battery chart below has the measurements table on the bottom left of the chart:

If you are uncertain about which model will fit the vehicle, you can measure the battery compartment and compare it to the chart or have a technician do it for you.

Is it a maintenance free battery?

Secondly, what is a maintenance free battery? A maintenance free battery is one that is sealed and does not require any additional attention to keep it running once it is in the vehicle. A maintenance free battery has a pressure valve within the battery that turns gases that are formed into water and provides efficient electrolyte in the battery and keep the levels where they are supposed to be. Whereas, the electrolyte in conventional batteries must be check regularly by the driver to make sure it is covering the battery plates. When the electrolyte levels are lower, the driver has to pour distilled water in the battery fillers which is a constant hassle.

How many cranking amps does the battery have?

Thirdly, cranking amps in simple terms is the amount of power your battery has to start the car. Higher cranking amps are better for vehicles that depend greatly on current generated by the battery. This includes air conditioning, power windows & locks and high voltage music. As we all know many people in Trinidad and Tobago use the air conditioning when the sun is too hot or the rain is falling.

Is the battery vibration resistant?

A vibration resistant battery, basically speaks for itself. Batteries that are vibration resistant can endure the impact from bad roads and harsh weather conditions in Trinidad and Tobago.

What is the reserve capacity?

The reserve capacity in simple terms is the ability of the battery to sustain the vehicle electrical load for a short time if the charging system failed. The charging system provides electrical energy for car features such as the lights, the radio, the wipers etc.

How long is the warranty valid for?

Lastly, the warranty is a key factor to consider when buying a car battery. This helps prevent you from running the risk of having to repair or replace your battery soon after you have purchased it.

Some batteries are made with better quality lead than others and what generally tends to happen is battery brands that are made of cheaper materials and more likely to give trouble will have a shorter warranty. Some of the most common brands such as Power Master, Track, and Bosch have 15 months warranty. The top brands in the local market usually have 18 months warranty or more.

Once, you have considered all these factors and you can now make the final decision on what battery you will buy. Remember, this is like choosing a ‘heart’ for your vehicle, so ensure it is the best quality and it will not fail you on your way home after a long day of work or halt your plans to lime at the beach. Click here for our free online battery finder for your vehicle or feel free contact us and we’ll help you get started right away on choosing the best battery for your car or truck in Trinidad and Tobago.

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