100 WATT 100 Degree Resistant Flood Light Cool White VOL-FL-200-CW-RES

This high ambient temperature LED Light is specifically designed for industrial use. Using cutting edge technology it functions under extreme temperatures with a maximum working temperature of 100°C. With its IP66 waterproof function, this light can also withstand hot steam, oil splashes and harsh environments.

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Power: 100 Watt

Light Out put: 17000 lm

Maximum Work Temperature: 100⁰C (212⁰F)

Color Rendering Index: 75

Color temperature: 5000-7500K

Beam Angle: 25⁰, 40⁰, 60⁰, 90⁰

Power Supply: Inventronics (100⁰C)

Warranty: 5 years (100⁰C)

LED Chip: Bridgelux

Waterproof: IP66

Dimensions: 450 x 402 x135 mm

Voltage: 85-277 V


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